Meditation Basics Course

Meditation is a method used to help quiet and calm the mind. This 4-week course will teach the steps for developing a home meditation practice: a comfortable posture, proper breathing, relaxation, and concentration methods used in the classical yoga tradition. Explore simple ways to incorporate meditation into your life and a variety of resources you can utilize to help support your practice. 

Recordings of the live sessions (March 2021) are available for purchase in the Virtual Studio.

woman meditating by trees

Movement & Meditation Classes

Movement & Meditation is an online, all levels yoga practice that incorporates the physical postures (asanas) of yoga, systematic relaxation, and meditation. Each month will have a theme/topic that is introduced at the beginning of class and then woven into the practice. A typical class schedule:

Introduction/Discussion: 10 minutes

Movement: 20-30 minutes

Relaxation: 10-15 minutes

Meditation: 5-10 minutes

Recordings of the four live sessions (February – May 2021) are available for purchase in the Virtual Studio.

*Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for simple movement, and have a  yoga mat, chair, blankets, and yoga blocks (optional) available.*